professional waiters and barman

African smile Catering is l00% black owned small business, founded in May 2004, and is currently an emerging enterprise looking forward to handle project in the Catering business, It was formed by two members. Who wanted to create reasonable Income and employment opportunities to our community as well as promote the spirit of self sufficiency special amongst young people, The Company is an existing business that is growing and is categorized under Hospitality industry type, at African Smile we operate on a theme entitled “African Excellence Service” to us

This means taking every event on its merits-hence our serving staff is made of different categories of teams being ordinary waiters, silver service Waiters, Bartender , Chefs, Cleaners, Scullery and top teams for special events. We therefore pride ourselves on the ability to offer a service tailor made to meet all your present and future requirements.


African smile supports black economic empowerment, and strives to achieve equity within the work place and to assist in the transformation process. One of our projects is to re-introduce skilled disabled candidates into the work environment and economy. We provide the following Services: •we have our staff on Hourly and daily Rate, we also provide permanent staff to the client in need for free of charge




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